“Slave Contract Nullified’ Super Junior’s Hankyung Appeal Withdrawn


“Slave Contract Nullified” Super Junior’s Hankyung Appeal Withdrawn

Disclaimer: Guys, I had to rely heavily on an online dictionary (it’s a good one so don’t worry) to translate this because my knowledge of the vocabulary used in the legal world is slim to none, which is why it took so long for me to finish. Take it with a grain of salt because I tried my best but I’m not fluent.


The lawsuit between Super Junior’s former Chinese member Hankyung and SM Entertainment over their exclusive contract has been resolved.

On the 25th, following Seoul’s High Court’s civil jury of 19 members (Presiding Judge Go Euiyoung), Hankyung’s lawyer from Horizon Line law firm (the name could be off, I translated it literally) submitted a request to waive the lawsuit over his exclusive contract.

It was said that because of Hankyung’s youthfulness, “he’s had continuous concerts overseas and he hasn’t been able to rest once in the span of two years thanks to the extremely busy schedule he has,” and “it won’t do for him to have to keep paying penalty fines because of this contract and have this affect his current activities.”

From a superior position in the partnership, SM wanted to trap 21-year-old Hankyung into a contract that would keep him with their company until he was 34.

Despite the fact that the court attempted to mediate prior to the announcement, Hankyung said that “his trust relationship with SM had collapsed,” while SM claimed that Hankyung “acted independently before the decision of the exclusive contract was finalized,” which led to their legal battle.

A member of the jury said, “the exclusive contract drawn up January of 2003, the altered contract made in February of 2007, and the annexed contract of December of 2007 were all signed by both parties but there is no effect,” and so the plaintiff has won.

via Naver


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