SS1 Marry U & No more Beijing Fried Rice

Hey ELF. I’m admin jewel….
just wanna share my feeling.
I was happy to meet Han Geng yesterday.. but. Hold on, just watch this video until end

Have you watch it? Sweet? Somuch, So Sweet. and They are completely 13. with Han Geng, Ki Bum, Kang In, and Hee Chul and with ELF.
I really really feel touched with this video, i’m.. happy? oh yes very. But just stop there after i remember about yesterday Press Conference in Jakarta Theater. Han Geng really show if He wanna show the side of him self without Super Junior. 😥 He even saying ” I’m no more ‘Beijing Fried Rice’ Its only my past” He also said My Kingdom is his first movie. You forget Attack on The Pin Up Boys?
He seems really wanna show the side if he really wanna admit ‘I’m no more Super Junior, I wanna be famous as Mandarin Pop Star, not Super Junior’ 😥 It’s really makes me cry last night and now.

Han Geng. I know you will never come back into Super Junior because SM. I know now you rather called your fans Gengfans than ELF. But.. please don’t ever forget Super Junior.. Because we still admit you as Super Junior, even SM Entertainment tagged you in Mr. Simple video. We still PROM15E TO 13ELIVE. WE 13ELIVE. We know you want to raise your popularity in your solo career. Hey we support you too!! We want to see our Gege! But. Please don’t ever try to forget Super Junior. Because Super Junior is you, and You are Super Junior. At least, for us, ELF.


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