about Han Geng badmood in DahSyat [NO HOAX]

It’s admin jewel, i wanna share my experience about stalk-ing Han Geng in Indonesia Music Chart, DahSyat. I just to the point [ Full Story of stalking Han Geng will be update soon] i was in front of the stage ( i’m inside studio, NOT on stage) Hangeng 1st Segmen in Dahsyat was the 4th Segment in Dahsyat when all Gengsfans already gather around. Hangeng show if he really really excited could come to Indonesia, he said if he already waiting for until this chance ( to come to indonesia) and then he said if next year he will have a tour and he hope Indonesia could be in the list. All were good, Han Geng said in My Kingdom filming he was always get kicked or pushed or anything accident-ly and he said if his mouth ever been smashed by a wood and then the MC (Olga) is put his hand in Gege mouth and Gege a little avoid in and saying ‘It’s okay, everything’s okay now’ in Chinese and the translator translate it. And Hangeng tell if he could teach RAFFI acting for action. He only said RAFFI. but olga followed. he was okay and then Olga tell him to speak indonesia, he said okay and then Olga help him to . the point of hangeng say if to watch My Kingdom in your beloved cinemas in bahasa indonesia. All Audience scream out because he speak bahasa, and this is the part when gege turn into the real badmood. Olga tell him to say ‘ Olga pacar saya’ when the meaning of them is ‘Olga my boyfriend/girlfriend’ and because Hangeng didn’t know what is that mean he just try to speak it and all audience became screams & laugh in the same time. Hangeng also laughing when he know the meanings from translator but no need 1 minute his face changed into no expression just little smirk no smile. and then in this segment Olga also hug him, and skinship lah. You know if Han Geng hate skinship. and he also shaking hands with boyband name S Nine boys ( if i’m not wrong). Jessica Iskandar asking for taking pictures with him and others. He got annoyed. Don’t bash the MC! But yeah we know its kinda annoying ;A; and then after that Han Geng go back to his room with the body guard with different door like entrance. I know some people that i trust can help me to taking pictures/ get hangeng signature, they really helping me in DahSyat. So i ask her to ask Gege to taking pictures or even just signed our book, she enter gege’s room and then she back. She said ” Hangeng is cranky! Badmood, he didn’t even want to look back the crews from China or not, he sit down and look at nobody but wall. He said he want to get back to China.” I and my friends got shocked. REALLY? “Why?” “Because skinship, and Olga’s jokes” ahh.. i see. and then however he can’t back to China and he should be on stage in 6&7 segment but he choose to shoot it in his room and only RAFFI & TRANSLATOR and some camera crews can enter his room. So.. this is the end of story. When he wanted to walk back into parking area all way are blocked for Gengster and i can’t even enter, but my friends did. I would ask her to ask am i able to post the picture soon or not. So this is the end of story. Sorry Gege, we will not let this thing happend again! 😦 have a good time in Surabaya!
Sincerely, ADMIN JEWEL.


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