SJ Kyuhyun gaming skills same level as professional gamers

Due to the fact that they grew up in Korea, a world leader in internet, there are people in the entertainment industry whose gaming skills are above average. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and NRG’s Noh Yoomin are such examples. There are many celebrities who relieve stress from their busy schedule by playing online games which have no time or space restrictions.

Kyuhyun, who is great at playing Starcraft is estimated to be in the same level as that of a professional gamer. His skills have been recognized by professional gamer Seo Kyungjong. Kyuhyun was called “the son of mom’s friend” for having being ranked number one in his high school class as well as having superb gaming skills.

*The son of mom’s friend refers to males who are good at everything.
**Parts of the article were omitted.

Source: Hankooki


Karena fakta bahwa mereka tumbuh di Korea, pemimpin dunia di internet, ada orang-orang di industri hiburan yang memiliki kemampuan bermain game di atas rata-rata. Member Super Junior, Kyuhyun dan NRG, Noh Yoomin contohnya. Ada banyak selebriti yang menghilangkan stres dari jadwal sibuk mereka dengan bermain game online yang tidak memiliki batasan waktu atau ruang.

Kyuhyun, yang hebat bermain Starcraft diperkirakan berada di tingkat yang sama seperti seorang gamer profesional. Kemampuannya telah diakui oleh gamer profesional, Seo Kyungjong. Kyuhyun yang dipanggil “the son of mom’s friend” menjadi peringkat satu di SMA serta memiliki kemampuan game yang luar biasa.

* Anak ibu teman mengacu pada laki-laki yang pandai segalanya.
** Bagian dari artikel dihilangkan.



Credit : dkpopnews

Translated by ESF


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