Eunhyuk’s Short-Haired Transformation “Very Handsome!”

Idol group Super Junior’s Eunhyuk has revealed the latest photo of his short hair transformation.

At 3AM of the 26th (of January), Eunhyuk revealed his new hairstyle along with the message “Because I’ve cut my hair I’m sweating less. Should have cut it in the first place!” on his personal Twitter account.

In the photo, Eunhyuk, whom had just returned from cutting his long hair, was showing a V-sign. Eunhyuk’s visage, whose forehead was revealed after cutting his hair, seemed even cooler (than before).

Later on, Eunhyuk added that “It’s a pity that I can’t really feel my hair flying around while dancing but hey… It’s not bad!!!”

Netizens responded with messages such as “You look much more handsome with your forehead revealed”, “Eunhyuk looks really cool”, “Looks like (your) sunbae Jang Woohyuk”, and more.

On another hand, Super Junior’s ‘Miinah’ has become a hot topic for occupying the 1st spot of Taiwan’s popular music site KKBOX for 35 consecutive weeks.

Source: dkpopnews


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